Bear Tracks Chainsaw Carving
Personalized Log
eagle was carved separate and added on.
Personalized Log
This log was carved special for a
client.  If you are interested we
can personalize one for you.  
This log measures 6' by 18"
Dimensions & Price Vary.
Welcome Sign
with Deer and Trees
Carved into it
and then Painted.
people.  These signs are made with a We have
done several of these signs for people.  These
signs are made with a chainsaw. They are
great for people who live in a log home, cabin
or lodge, for western decor, or people who just
like that rustic touch.  They have 2 black metal
straps on back that hold them together and this
allows you to hang them from a post or mount
them to a house or fence.  If you have a name
for your place, we can do that.   The
possibilities are endless.  We can also leave
the signs disassembled to save on shipping.
Here are pictures
of some of our
work.  Click on
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anything that you
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Someone brought this sign to us and
asked us if we could re-work  the carving
in it.  As it aged the letters became worn.  
So we carved them back in and repainted
the lettering white like it was before.
This sign was made to hang on a
We do this log with the spirit face
in or without it.  The curved log or
rock bed.  We also personalize it
with your last name
This sign was made for a local
church.  It's all made out of cedar.