Bear Tracks Chainsaw Carving
Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of wood do you prefer to carve?
We carve walnut, linden wood, pine, cedar, sycamore, catalpa,
soft maple, and tree of heaven.
How long will a sculpture last?
A sculpture or carving should last for several years if it is
properly cared for.  However it should be preserved if it is going
to be set outside.  We also recommend that you set it on rock,
or lathing strips on concrete or something like that so that
moisture can get away from it.  If it goes inside you should treat
it like you would your furniture.  Don't set it in direct sunlight or
by a heat source or a dehumidifier.  
Will a carving crack?
Carvings will crack.  Anytime you leave the heart in a log, chances
are it is going to crack at one point or another.  Most people
realise this and think that it adds character to the piece.  
How should I preserve my carving?
We recommend a marine spar varnish.  Most pieces that leave
here have 3 coats of satin marine spar varnish on them.  We then
recommend that you put one coat on each year.  This has a UV
protectant in it as well as a sealer.  
You can also put linseed oil on the carving if you don't like the
marine spar varnish finish.
Do you carve trees on location?
Yes.  People ask us to travel to their homes and carve their trees.  
It is a great way to keep a tree that may have sentimental value.  
We discuss the sculpture that they want carved.  We then quote a
price.  Price is determined by different factors.  Such as: kind of
tree, size, detail of piece and whether we have to use scaffolding.  
If a decision is made to proceed, we set up an appointment to
carve the piece.  (Sometimes it is easier and cheaper to bring us
your tree and let us carve it here.  This saves traveling, lodging
and the fact that we only have 1 or 2 days each week that we can
travel to a location.)
If we agree on a price we set a time to start the sculpture.  Before
we start, the tree becomes our property.  We carve the sculpture.  
When finished there will be a pile of sawdust, wood scraps and the
promised sculpture.  The customer inspects the carving. If they like
it they pay the price that we agreed on.   If for any reason they are
unhappy with the carving, we cut the tree at the bottom of the
carving, and take it with us.  The customer takes care of the
sawdust and the wood scraps.  
Do you guarantee satisfaction?
We guarantee you like your sculpture or you don't buy it.  
How do I start carving or sculpting?
The things we most recommend are:
Safety chaps
Hearing and Eye Protection
Safety Boots
One saw large enough for roughing in large pieces
One saw for doing detail work.  
If you have any questions or comments please feel free to
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