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Bear Tracks Chainsaw Carving
Bear Tracks Chainsaw Carving
These Pieces Are For Sale
This is the first time that we've had a page on our web
site of things that we currently have "for sale".  The
pictures that you see here are of the exact carving that
you are bidding on.   I'm hoping that this works well
and that I have all of the bugs worked out.  Please be
patient with us while we're learning with this page.  
All Prices Do Not include Shipping.  And if your in
Illinois you'll have to pay sales tax.  We do not accept
credit cards but we do accept paypal.  We prefer
cashier's check or money order.  This way we can
keep our prices reasonable.
If you see anything that you like and have questions
about please email us.   We'll be happy to hear from
you and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.   
Thank you very much for your interest.
Small Awning Solar Bear
This little guy was made to tie an awning down with.  He has an
eye bolt to tie your awning to and a black metal strap on his
bottom.  The black metal strap has a hole drilled in each side to
hammer a stake through.  He  holds a solar lantern in his other
hand, you can also change the solar light out to hold a flag
instead.    We designed this piece after we each kept tripping
over our rope coming down from our awning.  This is real handy
as you're more likely to see this cute little guy sitting there warning
you not to trip.

He measures 20" tall.
He sells for  $ 220.00
"Artie" the Lantern Bear

This lantern bear is leaning on a sign with
welcome carved into it.  He is holding an electric
lantern.  He looks adorable standing on a front
porch plugged into a timer.  Then you can set the
timer to come on before you come home from
work.  What a nice welcome home!

He measures 42" tall.
He sells for $399.00  
"Geeves" is here to lend a helping hand.

This bear is made to hold a roll of toilet paper
in his top hand.  His other hand will hold a
spare roll.  He is attached to a round piece of
wood for extra stability.   He would make a
wonderful addition in your bathroom
especially if you have that cabin or lodge

He measures 28" tall.
He sells for $220.00
Welcome Log

This welcome log is made out of Catalpa
Wood.  We carve off a slab and then carve
into it.  This allows the beauty of the wood
grain to show through.  This would look
beautiful in a flower bed with flowers on
each side.  We pick these logs special to try
to take advantage of the natural arch in the
This piece measures 34" long.
This piece sells for $60.00
Wood Spirit
This piece is flat on the back.  You can get a
hanger and hang it on a wall or you can lean it
up against something in a flower bed.  I love
these pieces.  

The legend goes that back in the Old Country,
people believed that spirits lived in trees and if
you had a spirit living in your woods it would
bring you good luck and so they would carve
faces into live trees.

This piece measures 30" tall.
He sells for $60.00