Bear Tracks Chainsaw Carving
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I still remember the first time that I saw this art.
We were going to Minnesota on a family fishing trip and we
stopped at a truck-stop for breakfast outside of the Twin
Cities and they had these chainsaw carved bears outside.  I
still remember being amazed when I found out that they
were carved with a chainsaw.  That was probably about 13
years ago.  Since then we have gone back to Minnesota
every year to go fishing.
Six years ago we were getting ready to go and some of
the family couldn't join us for a couple of days, so I told
my Dad that I wanted to go study the chainsaw carving in
the afternoons when we weren't fishing.  
I was extremely lucky in finding an excellent carver who
let me watch him for a little while and gave me some tips
on what I needed if I wanted to start carving.  I would like
to Sincerely Thank both him & his wife for allowing me to
watch them work for a little while.  
When I got home I decided that I was going to try it.  I'd
never used a chainsaw before I tried this.  My idea of
cutting wood was my Dad cutting it and we kids loading
it.  When I started I thought "If it turns out horrible I will
only have made firewood, and we had a wood burning
My very first bear I named "Porkchop" because it was
touch-and-go there for a while as to whether it was going
to be a bear or a pig.  I was so proud when I finally got
him done.  I was amazed when other people actually
knew what he was and thrilled when someone wanted to
buy him!

I have now been carving for about 6 years.  I am still
completely fascinated with this art form.  I think that
everyone has been given a talent of some kind or other.  
I consider this a God given gift and I thank the Lord for it.
 If you are lucky enough to find something that you truly
enjoy doing and you can make a living at it then I think
that you are truly blessed.
Almost 3 years ago I was in a car accident and suffered
back injuries.  As a result a year ago I had lumbar fusion
surgery and had to have 2 discs fused. So, right now I'm
pretty slow & have to choose what work I can do but, I
still welcome any interest in my work.  I'm still hoping
and working toward recovery.  I hope that I am able to
keep carving & learning for years to come.   
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I recently came across this
magazine at an auction. What
an expression!