Bear Tracks
Chainsaw Carving
Welcome to Bear Tracks Chainsaw
We specialize in the carving of wood with a chainsaw.    
We can also carve you a custom-order sign.  You'll see
a few examples on the carvings page.  These make
great birthday, Christmas and wedding gifts.    
Please feel free to browse around our website and you
will find out a little bit about us & see some examples
of our work
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Large Bass
This piece was made
jumping out of the
water for the plug that
is hung up on the limb.
We made this pig for 17th
Street Barbecue. The only
3-time Grand World
Champion at Memphis in
(He makes the best
Pork Barbecue  Sandwiches
I've ever tasted!)
Double Bears
This is one of my
favorite pieces!  I love
the expressions on
their faces..
Bears & Raccoon on Bench
This bench has 2 full bears & one bear head
and one coon head coming out of the stump.  
The bench back has a bear carved into it and
coon and bear paws painted on the seat.
Lantern Bear Christmas Special !

This is our most popular bear and it is
functional.  We can either put an electric light
in it as seen or

 a solar light.  He stands about 42" tall.  You can
also personalize it with your last name instead
of Welcome.  He is normally $375.00 but right
now we are running a Christmas Special of
$299.00 plus shipping.  If you are interested
please contact us.  We only have 12 of these at
this price
and I don't think that we can get
anymore done before Christmas